Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Try, try again

So, Ventrilo was a bust. New idea: Skype. Same idea, only it, you know, works this time. You can download the software here. So, what are you waiting for? In the words of larry the cable guy, git 'r done.

Actual other shoeboots news: several of the clan have hit 60. A special woot for that.

In other related news, Morley has had to work a shit-ton this week and no shoeboots adventures were had. Cosmo and Craigbottorf almost went deep-sea fishing, but she got drafted 3 of 4 days and then had to be in charge of Oakridge for the next day (you read that right, in CHARGE!), and he just went back to sleep. But they later saw March of the Penguins, and it was entirely too cute. Pete's got the flu. But there's some enchanted fun in the works for next week. (shh! Joe thinks its an instance we're all planning, tee hee!)

Anyone interested in some craig shirts? I've had interest for the drunk Morley ones, while I myself would like another craig shirt. I'm off till thursday, so hit me up. Also, I've heard mumblings about joe shirts, but that's just rediculous. Unless you really, really like tacos. In which case, it would be just....weird.


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