Wednesday, August 17, 2005


You know when half your guild shows up for food, it's got to be good. Witness:

This is the super barbeque. Craigbottorf's broke somehow, so Cosmo and Gruffy's mini grill is just cooking away atop the real barbeque. Brilliant. The food cooking up there is CraigBurgers, which is some ground beef combined with whatever craig found in his kitchen/at his mom's garden that week. So far, there were onions, garlic, mushrooms, saltines and possibly a kitchen sink, but that we're unsure of. They were delicious, of course. Also, we feasted on watermelon, chips, appropriate beers, potato salad, sodas, fruit, pie, ice cream, and this wonderful chicken that Caseyface made for us. PiousPete said he could taste the soul still in a few pieces, so look for him to be curled up with the toilet tonight.

We've also got some new pictures to post of guild members! Huzzah! This first one is GregDreyfussr, unfortunately, it isn't very good. He's actually quite fun and friendly looking in person. Unless you're trying to get him, in which case, this is the face you see before it all goes black...

This is Chadris and Delric. You'll find Chadris often in Ironforge, near the auctions. Where there's Chadris, you can bet Delric isn't far behind. Actually, Delric plays in a local band, which explains why you won't see them on some nights. Chadris and Delric are also quite good artists, and graced us with some excellent artwork that may find its way to the WOW homepage at some point.
Here's Caseyface, whom I just today learned played the WOW as well. You say she's just Chadris up there in a different shirt? Nah, she's Chadris's sister. We keep it in the family here at shoeboots. She's a sweetie, and makes darn good chicken. Also, if you ever are talking with PiousPete, and he doesn't really seem to be following what you're saying, it's probably because her bf plays Pete in the downtime. I seem to not have gotten a snap of him tonight, unfortunately.

So, good food + good friends + good guild = good time. Math, shoeboots style.


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